Joe's Travels - Round the World 2003


 Beer Chang

Beer Chang – 6.4% Brewed in Thailand

Delicious hoppy flavour but slightly bitter


Heineken – 5% Brewed in Thailand

The usual suspect - seems to be very popular in Thailand


Singha – 6% Brewed in Thailand

Very tasty lager, not seeming as strong as it is!


Singha Gold – 4.8% Brewed in Thailand

A good easy-drinking lager




Tiger – 5% Brewed in Singapore

An excellent local brew



 Cascade Premium Light

Cascade Premium Light - 2.8% Brewed in Tasmania

A light easy-drinking lager - refreshing but not too strong!

 Cascade Premium

Cascade Premium – 5.2% Brewed in Tasmania

A good lager from Australia’s oldest brewery, established in 1824, but not as flavoursome as Tooheys or Hahn

 Hahn Premium

Hahn Premium – 5%

Excellent flavour and very much enjoyed (or did I just need it on such a hot day)

 James Squire Original Amber Ale

James Squire Original Amber Ale – 5%

Darker than the Pilsener (see below) and a bit overpowering

 James Squire Original Pilsener

James Squire Original Pilsener – 5%

Excellent lager with very good hoppy flavour

 Matilda Bay

Matilda Bay – Brewed in Western Australia – 5%

Rather bitter and not especially nice

 Melbourne Bitter

Melbourne Bitter – 4.9%

Another good brew and very similar to Victoria Bitter

 Tasman Bitter

Tasman Bitter – 4.8%

Extremely tasty and a firm favourite so far. It seems however that all bitter in Australia is what we call lager in the UK

 Tooheys Extra Dry

Tooheys Extra Dry – 5%

Excellent for drinking on a hot sunny day overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yes, the background is real!

 Tooheys New

Tooheys New

Really good flavour

 VB - Victoria Bitter

VB (Victoria Bitter) - 4.9%

Lovely – one my favourites in Australia

(sorry, no photo)

XXXX Gold – 3.6%

Quite dark and not as flavoursome as I expected from the colour


New Zealand


Speights Gold Medal Ale - 4%

Great taste - my favourite New Zealand beer


Steinlager - 5%

New Zealand's famous lager, as drunk here on Milford Sound. Fairly average brew however.

 Beers at The Malthouse, Wellington    Beers at The Malthouse, Wellington   Beers at The Malthouse, Wellington
 Tasting Tray at The Malthouse, Wellington    Tasting Tray at The Malthouse, Wellington   Tasting Tray at The Malthouse, Wellington

Limburg Witbier - 5%

A white beer from Hastings available at The Malthouse, Wellington - quite good but still prefer Belgian Hoegaarden


The Cook Islands

 Cooks Lager

Cooks Lager - 6% Brewed on Rarotonga, The Cook Islands

Rather soapy and quite a bitter aftertaste. Preferred the Samoan beer below.


Vailima – 4.9% Brewed in Apia, Samoa

A very good and tasty lager imported from Samoa


United States of America

Didn't have long enough here to taste much U.S. beer (and anyway Bud****er is not worthy of inclusion on any page about beers).

 Beer store in San Francisco   However one store on Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco had such a huge range of beers from around the world, that a couple of photos cannot really do it justice ...
 Beer store in San Francisco